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Ruth Grech

Licenced trainer for 15 years.
Personal Trainer.
Wellbeing coach.
Nutrition for weight loss specialist.

I specialise in women fitness for all ages with a main focus on 40 years and up. I am a 41 year old female myself and my mission is to help those that wish to start their transformation towards a fitter lifestyle. I have been very lucky to have worked in different countries, allowing me to learn various techniques. 

Reviews from you

I decided to work with Ruth one to one after attending her classes. I watched her body transform after lockdown and could see Ruth knew what she was doing and she also cared about getting the class in the best possible shape. Ruth is like an artist who takes pride in their work. She really motivated me to work towards being the best version of myself. When I fell down she didn't berate me for not being able to follow the program completely but modified the program as well as encouraging and assuring me if I keep trying I will get there. I'm still following Ruths instructions and I hear her voice say as I reach for the ice cream ' you can have it but it will take longer to reach your goal', I'm a lot fitter than I was 6 weeks ago, lost a bit of weight, mentally I feel more alert during the day and I have started to see definition in my upper body.

Alison 55yr

I am a big fan of fitness classes and met Ruth at my local gym. Her classes are always fun, motivating, engaging and really getting your sweat on. I have been encouraged and guided when I decided to follow the weight loss challenge and I was provided with continuous support throughout my fitness and nutrition journey. The results were jaw dropping and I never felt better in my skin. I would recommend her to everyone!!

Alina 36yr

The classes are always so motivational, the structure to each class and consistency makes you feel secure that you can work towards getting stronger, fitter and healthier. She always push and encourage in a positive way. The power and strength she has made every class more enjoyable and uplifting with motivational speeches, great music and pure love for what she does. I personally choose trainers I admire and want to look like. I will always be forever grateful to Ruth for dedicating so much time in making sure we reach our goals! Thank you

Amena 31yr

I really love the structure of the classes Ruth has built. They are so easy to follow but challenging enough to bring transformation. It was so easy to build a routine around my schedule as classes are also on demand. Keep up the good work.

Andreea 36yr

I have been training with ruth at Fit Uncut for a few months now. I highly recommend her as a PT! i am so much more confident in myself since joining, physically and mentally. Ruth has tailored my program to suit my specific needs and my nutrition. Her programme is very easy to follow and she is always happy to have a quick chat if i need to. i love her training style and sessions. I always look forward to 0ur sessions.

Shannon 27yr

I have been training with Ruth for almost 2 years, it’s always a tough workout but with great motivation. She understands that everyday might be different and challenge you accordingly. The classes are very versatile. I don’t think we have ever done the same exercise twice. I always feel the impact with every session

Foteini 33yr


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